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Travel insurance is particularly focused on eliminating any discomfort and mitigating any challenge that the policyholder may encounter on a trip. Like other types of insurance, your coverage determines the dangers and difficulties that would be handled during your trip.

The extent of coverage you get from travel insurance depends on the travel insurance you sign up for. It comes highly recommended that you get a yearly travel insurance if you travel often. Additionally, travel insurance can cover other individuals as well, like relatives, friends, partners and so on. Essentially, there are different plans to choose from so you can always choose the one that adequately meets your needs.

Selecting a travel insurance plan is not complicated. All you have to do is carefully consider the nature of your trip, the frequency of your trips, the kind of activities you would be engaging in and the associated requirements, person or persons that you may be traveling with other relevant considerations. When you carefully consider these factors, you would certainly be able to make a satisfactory decision that adequately covers your needs.

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Why Travel Insurance?

Travel insurance is a very important consideration when you are hoping to have a comfortable and stress free trip. When getting travel insurance, it is imperative that you select a plan that is well-suited to your needs. Most people ignorantly assume that travel insurance is irrelevant and unimportant. This is further from the truth. Travel insurance would help facilitate every aspect of your trip, making you comfortable while eliminating any factor that would undermine the quality of your travel experience.

Travel insurance is a great way to ensure that you have a hitch free journey and that you are safe. Eventualities are often unavoidable and the likelihood of experiencing an unforeseen event increases when you travel. Travel insurance would help you manage contingencies efficiently. Reservations in a suitable hotel and all other relevancies required for an enjoyable journey are also covered by travel insurance.

While this may seem unlikely, do you have coverage when you develop an illness in another country and require medical attention? Have you ever considered the possibility of having an accident and the concomitant cost of getting quality health care in the country you traveled to? All of these and much more are areas that your travel insurance can secure for you.

Kinds of Travel Insurance Coverage

Health Emergency:

Having health emergency would provide coverage for any health related issue that may crop up. When your travel insurance plan has health emergency, then you can be sure that accidents and illnesses that happen when you travel would be taken care off by your plan.

Compassionate trip:

When this is listed in your travel insurance coverage, you can expect your relative, friend or anyone listed on the insurance plan as very close to you to be given an all expense covered traveling to visit you when you are in the hospital.

Homecoming of kids:

This coverage would take care of the homecoming expenses of kids that are with you in the event that you are required to stay in the hospital.

Physical impairment:

This coverage would ensure that you get payments when you have an accident that causes irreversible damage and impairment to any part of the bod on a trip.

Individual Liability:

If you have an accident on a trip that damages someone else property or causes someone to suffer physical and health damages then individual liability would have you covered.

Inadvertent Demise:

While we hope that we never experience any horrific incident, this coverage gives benefit to your family if you die in a trip.


In Hong Kong and globally, you can assess a variety of travel insurance plans to fit your travel needs and cut down expenses. For Travel Insurance plans we would consider the person or persons going on the trip. Is it solo, is it a group, family and so on.

• Sending home deceased: also referred to repatriation of mortal remains, this would ensure that the cost of bringing the policyholder’s body back your home country

• Travel Deferment: if your flight suffers any deferment or disturbance whether due to natural occurrences, airline issues or any other unforeseen circumstance then you would be covered.

• Misplacement of Belonging: this plan covers any misplaced belonging or property during the trip. This coverage would make sure that you are compensated for any misplacement that may occur.

• Deferred Personal Belongings: when your personal belonging is deferred causing inconveniences and interruptions during your trip then the cost would be covered allowing you to move ahead with your plans. Usually any deferment that takes more than 6 hours would attract coverage.

• Loss of Personal Fund: if you misplace your personal funds on a trip then you can always get coverage. Misplacement of your money, theft, and any other means loss of funds can occur would be covered.

• Annulment or Restriction of Trip: this coverage is available to you when you have made payments for a trip and have to annul the trip due to unfavorable conditions such as ill-health, disturbances in the location of travel and so on.

• Stealing of Home Belongings: this coverage provides compensation for the theft of properties in your home while you are away on a trip.

• Golfing: this coverage helps you fulfill your golf tradition when you travel. Golfing insurance is a fantastic travel insurance that caters to a golfer’s lifestyle.

There are certain matters that may not be covered in your travel insurance and therefore may not be catered to by your travel insurance policy. MajorCompare.com.hk does offer a large range of travel plans for extreme sports, kidnap and ransom to name a few. The various exemptions may embrace the following:

Cases of conflict and hostilities, internal unrest and wars

Terrorist acts or situations

Pre-exisiting illness or injury

Mental condition and STI

Liquor and substance abuse

Career as a sport man or woman

Self-mutilation or suicide

Unlawful activities that results in harm

Assess Various Plans & Choose One

Travel insurance is the surest way to have an enjoyable trip while protecting yourself from any monetary payments that may emerge from unforeseen occurrences. Travel insurance is the best way to stay safe and maximize opportunities while mitigating the impact of unfavorable eventualities.

Major Compare is the leading source for qualitative information on insurance policies in Hong Kong and globally. We offer a comprehensive list on all travel insurance plans while providing unwavering assistance which is always 100% free and impartial to help you make the most suitable decision. Major Compare has a team of experts that help you with relevant recommendations on how to select the best and most personally tailored travel insurance plan for you. Contact us today and begin to experience unmatched insurance service.

Travel Insurance and Outbound Travel Alerts (OTA) Hong Kong

OTA was introduced in 2009 by the Government of Hong Kong to provide travelers with detailed information on the various dangers they may encounter on a trip. The OTA system provides information on eighty-five countries. Using color signals, red means that the country is extremely dangerous and should only be travelled to if you have a serious pursuit in the country. Other colors are also provided showing the extent of safety or danger in various countries. Black is used to indicate a no travel zone, meaning the country is totally unsafe for travel.

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Connection between OTA and travel insurance

Some travel insurance in Hong Kong would always consider the OTA signs. It is important that you examine your insurance policy concerning certain countries that have been identified as unsafe by OTA.

How OTA applies

Traveling to a destination that has been blacklisted by OTA could mean that any eventuality that emanates from unfavorable developments already identified would not be covered. However, if you suffer harm from a completely unrelated reason then you are covered by your insurance. On the other hand, if you get injured or suffer any loss as a result of a situation in the travel destination that has already been identified and warned against by OTA, you would be compensated by your insurance policy.

Traveling to a destination that has been blacklisted by OTA could mean that any eventuality that emanates from unfavorable developments already identified would not be covered. However, if you suffer harm from a completely unrelated reason then you are covered by your insurance. On the other hand, if you get injured or suffer any loss as a result of a situation in the travel destination that has already been identified and warned against by OTA, you would be compensated by your insurance policy.

The most important thing is to scrutinize the travel insurance against OTA recommendations.

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