Common Questions and Terms

Surgical Fee Coverage comes with having Health Insurance, allowing you to be covered for the surgical expenses you may have, this may also include; surgeon fees, attendance fees, as well as anaesthetic’s fees.

An amount of money you would self pay out either per treatment or per year before the insurer would take over payments for treatments. Having a higher excess/deductible will offer you a lower insurance premium.

Medical Evacuation, also known as Medevac, allows you as an individuals to be covered during any issue where you must be evacuated. The insurance company will handle the costs and planning of your evacuation, as long as the reason for evacuation is covered under the policy.

The annual limit is what the insurance company pays in a year in terms of benefits towards the enrolled individual.

Normally, this is not a common part of most plans due to the fact that some insurance companies consider mental illnesses as a pre-existing condition. However, in Hong Kong, as an insurance policy holder, this is a policy that is normally in the insurance plan.

This is coverage for the individual under the policy for checks that examine an individual on their wellbeing and to determine if the individual has been suffering from an illness or injury

Chronic conditions are types of disease or illness where the individual will not recover from and one without a cure at the current time. This includes conditions such as type 2 diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, and others.

Insurance companies deem pre-existing conditions for individuals as having a medical condition that is present before the start of their policy. Some insurance companies do not cover expenses related to the pre-existing conditions.

The reasoning behind insurance companies conducting this is for a confirmation on the medical necessity for the services. This lets the insurance company control the plan by reducing any unnecessary costs being made. Examples include, home care services, radiology services, non emergency ambulance services, as well as others.

This type of cover is for individuals who may be out of their country and suffer an illness or injury. The majority of the time, medical conditions that have been diagnosed before being out of the area may be excluded, however, any conditions that require medical attention immediately may be available if the condition of the illness/injury was stable before the departure.


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