Warning on Posture for HK Citizens

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Hong Kong has one of the highest mobile penetration rates in the world. This has cause 67% of children as well as teenagers to form bad posture. We may dismiss this sort of phone addiction, but the health issues coming from an over use of technology is terrible.

There has been an increase in bad posture and its relation to smartphone usage. What are the negative effects, and what can you do to help with this issue personally?

The Hong Kong Department of Health has reported that 80% of both children and teenagers use their phone regularly. Out of that 80%, there are 50% of these youths who use it for less than an hour a day, 30% normally uses it in between one to fours hours each day. A separate study had found that 60% of teenagers are happy when they have their phones, 10% are not happy without their phones (even within the day)

What is The Relation of Smartphones and Posture                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Almost 66% of children in Hong Kong under the age of 16 have kyphosis (a hunched backed), which is where the upper part of the spine curves excessively. 43% have unequal shoulder height, and 24% have scoliosis (sideways spinal curvature).

Tilting forwards by 60 degrees (to look at your phone), adds around 27 kg to the strain on your neck.

You may increase the chance of getting certain musculoskeletal issues, from tension neck syndrome, rounded shoulders, and shoulder tendonitis.

How Can You Avoid It?

  • Keep your phone at eye level, this stops you from having to look down, and you’ll use it less as you tire from having to keep it up all the time.
  • Use the voice to text feature to help with not having to type all the time.
  • Keep your chin in, stretching your neck out will strain it.
  • Go get spinal and postural screenings with a chiropractor.

Health Insurance and Chiropractic Care

Hong Kong Chiropractic care is very expensive. Health insurance policies have chiropractic care under their outpatient benefits, so it is best to check that. If you do not have this, contact us at Major Compare for advice.

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