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International Health Insurance

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Expat Insurance

We provide individuals and business worldwide with the right insurance for their needs.

Life Insurance

Get in touch for customized international life insurance that's as portal as modern life.

Hong Kong Insurance

Locally compliant insurance for your personal or corporate/ business needs.

Travel & Students

International health insurance plans for travelers and students studying abroad.

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We are dedicated to finding the best insurance deals tailored to your personal or business needs, that's why our clients save 15% on average a year.

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Compare Health Insurance Online

MajorCompare.com.hk is the most trusted name for insurance, we take the hassle and complex world of insurance and simplify it. Our server is always 100% free and impartial and our clients save an average of 15% annually.
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Corporate Insurance Solutions

Fully Managed Insurance Solutions for your business, no matter the size. Group Health and Life Insurance solutions are only part of the needs of our corporate clients, we handle employee compensation, product liability, office protection among others.
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Non Medical Insurance

With decades of insurance experience and over 45 partners we help our clients manage their entire insurance portfolio, including income protection, critical illness, home and content and automotive insurance among many others, saving you time and money.
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Specialty Insurance

With over 50 lines of insurance available MajorCompare.com.hk offer the only truly free fully managed insurance solutions. From private aircrafts, high value art and jewelry to yacht insurance we have your covered to matter your needs.
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"Words cant say how helpful you have been, after moving to Hong Kong it was my first time looking at international insurance and MajorCompare.com.hk know their stuff!"
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