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MajorCopare.com.hk is the No. 1 site for comparing insurance online. Our powerful online comparison tool ofers you impartial and up-to-date information on popular insurance plans. Our server is always free and we guarantee the lowest available premium. If you're looking for a persoanlly tailored plan jsut get in touch for free advice.

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No matter where you study globaly, we have visa compliant student and teacher insurance.

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A leader in strat up, SME's and multinational insurance management solutions.

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We are dedicated to finding the best insurance deals tailored to your personal or business needs, thats why our clients save 15% on average a year.

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MajorCompare.com.hk is the most trused name for international insurance, we take the hassel and complex world of insurance and simplify it. Our server is always 100% free and impartial and our clients save an average of 15% annualy. Grap a cup of coffee and leave the rest to us.

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"MajorCompare.com.hk saved me 20% on our family health insurance by lissening to what we needed and building a plan for us."
Alex Jacobson
"Insurnace is a time consuming and confusing thng but with MajorCompare we have someone on our side to help manage and adivse when we need it most!"
BM Willims
"Words cant say how helpfull you have been, after moving to Hong Kong it was my first time looking at interntional insruance and MajorCompare.com.hk know there stuff."
Kiv Peterson
"It was a pleasure working with you and i look forward to the years to come.Your help has ben greatly appreiated."
Kate Wu
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